LF-JDW-DB-40 Industrial Electrostatic Air Purification Systems ESP Filter

This is a ventilation equipment specially designed for commercial kitchens with a large amount of oil fume. It can filter, ionize and adsorb 40,000m³ of oil fume or air per hour, and the purification rate reaches more than 95%, making it visually smoke-free effect. It is suitable for Asian restaurants, wok cooking, Korean BBQ restaurants, and Barbecue Teppanyaki parties.

Certificate:CCC / ISO / CEP
Service:Customized OEM / ODM

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(1)It uses an intelligent high-voltage constant power supply that can automatically adjust the ionization field intensity.

Through dual-frequency control and rectification technology with non-inductive superimposed pulses, it can still maintain stable current output, stable performance and 95% efficiency even after long-term operation of the purification equipment.

(2)Oil fume purification rate. In case of over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature and arcing, the protection device is automatically activated.

It is equipped with an ammeter that displays current, operating status, and operation indicators in real time.

(3)It uses electrostatic technology to absorb oil smoke. When the oil fume enters the high-voltage ionization field, the grease particles, impurities and oil dirt in the oil fume will be ionized and carry the positive or negative electrode charge,

and then be adsorbed to the plate by the low-voltage collection section of the opposite electrode, and the remaining oil will Fog molecules are trapped by the high-density post-filter screen.

(4)After this purification process, the oil fume purification rate reaches 95%, and the oil fume concentration is less than 0.2㎎/m³.

(5)The ionization field is composed of multiple sets of electrode plates. The spacing between each set of electrode plates is between 5mm and 9mm.

It can increase the amount of oil fume adsorption by 30% and improve the purification rate by 30%.

(6)The electrode plate is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is a material that can still exert stable performance in high-strength, high-humidity and highly corrosive working conditions.

Each set of electrode plates adopts a detachable design and is easy to install, maintain and clean.

(7)This ventilation system consists of 9 sets of low-altitude oil fume electrostatic purifiers, which can purify 40,000 m³ of kitchen oil fume per hour (equal to the amount of oil fume generated by 13 gas stoves).

(8)In this ventilation system, oil fumes need to go through at least 3*4 filtration, ionization and purification processes to achieve a purification rate of 95%.

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