LF-JDW-DB-20 Low Altitude Industrial Electrostatic Air Cleaner Double Ionization

This is a ventilation equipment that absorbs oil fume particles through electrostatic ionization. It consists of 6 sets of detachable low-altitude Electrostatic Air Cleaners. It purifies and discharges 20,000m³ to 30,000m³ of oil fume per hour (approximately equivalent to 7 to 10 gas stoves amount of oil smoke). It is a high-purification rate ventilation equipment specially designed for Asian restaurants, Teppanyaki restaurants and barbecue parties where there is a lot of oil smoke.

Certificate:CCC / ISO / CEP
Service:Customized OEM / ODM

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(1)This is an integrated ventilation device that integrates oil fume filtration, purification and emission. It uses two electrostatic ionization fields to connect into an air purification system.

(2)When the grease particles, oil dirt and other impurities in the oil smoke pass through the high-voltage ionization field, they will be separated and carry positive and negative electrode charges, and then be adsorbed to the plate by the low-voltage collection section of the opposite electrode.

(3)During this process, 95% of the grease particles and impurities are adsorbed, thereby achieving the standard that the concentration of oil fume emitted must be less than 2.0㎎/m³.

(4)Different from the single-frequency control system commonly used in the industry, this oil fume purifier adopts dual-frequency control and rectification technology with non-inductive superimposed pulses.

(5)It automatically adjusts the intensity of the ionization field so that the purification equipment can maintain stable current output and high oil fume purification rate after long-term operation.

It automatically activates safety protection in the event of over-voltage, arcing, over-temperature and over-current.

(6)Each set of purification modules has a 4-layer filtration, ionization and adsorption system. The oil fume particles need to go through at least 3*4 processes to process 20,000m³ of kitchen oil fume per hour (equal to the amount of oil fume produced by 7 gas stoves).

(7)The concentration of oil fume is equal to 1.0㎎/m³, which is far lower than the national standard of 1.0㎎/m³. Add high-density stainless steel filter screens to the air inlet and exhaust to intercept grease particles and impurities.

The screen and ionization plate are removable and easy to clean and maintain.

(8)The electrode plate used for ionization is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which can provide stable current output, stable performance and not easy to break in high humidity, high strength and highly corrosive working conditions.

Its frame is made of thickened aluminum alloy and dry-pressed alumina insulating ceramics to improve operational safety.

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