LF-CYZ-2000 Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System with ESP Purifier

This Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System with ESP Purifier can purify 95% of oil mist particles, deodorize, and decompose them into water and carbon dioxide that meet emission standards. It can help ventilate restaurants with a lot of oily smoke, such as Asian restaurants, fried chicken fast food restaurants, and canteens.

Certificate:CCC / ISO / CEP
Service:Customized OEM / ODM

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It is an all-in-one ventilation and purification device that includes an electrostatic air cleaner, a commercial kitchen exhaust hood, and a restaurant centrifugal blower.

It helps restaurant owners improve the purification efficiency of oil fumes and meet emission and hygiene standards with the smallest budget and smallest occupied space.

The touch-screen operation panel uses induction activation and mobile phone APP remote control, including timing, wind speed adjustment, oil removal, lighting, smoke removal, and cleaning functions.

It is an intelligent ventilation device that allows chefs to control the restaurant’s oil fume exhaust system at home with one click.

The high-voltage electrostatic ionization field is used to ionize the oil mist molecules and drive them into the collection section. During the ionization stage, it can intercept and ionize 98% of the oil mist molecules (0.1 μm).

The ionization plate is made of aviation aluminum, a material with high conductivity, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is completely removable and easy to assemble, clean, and replace.

A spacing of ±0.2mm is reserved between each ionization plate to achieve multi-layer filtration of oil fume molecules and a better purification effect.

Configured with 254nm and 185nm UV ultraviolet purification sections, the ultraviolet rays in the 254nm band intercept oil molecules, and the extra rays in the 185nm band react with oxygen to produce ozone less than 0.01 (PPM),

which is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. It reaches 95% oil fume purification rate and 90% deodorization rate.

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