LF-DYZ-2200 Commercial Kitchen Fume Hood with Intelligent Control

This is a smart exhaust hood used for extracting, filtering, purifying and discharging kitchen oil fume. It adjusts the wind speed, time and lighting of the hood through the touch screen control panel to purify 4500m³ of kitchen oil fume per hour (equivalent to 15 gas The amount of oil smoke produced by the burner). It is suitable for restaurants, canteens and factories with small kitchen space, no outdoor hanging conditions and modern design.

Certificate:CCC / ISO / CEP
Service:Customized OEM / ODM

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(1)It consists of a condenser, a metal filter rack and a dynamic oil fume separation plate, which consists of three oil fume filtration processes. It can process 4500m³ of kitchen oil fume per hour, with a purify oil rate of 70%.

(2)A fume collecting hood with a large volume is set up. When the fan rotates at high speed, a certain negative pressure area is formed above the fume collecting hood, which is used to absorb the oil fume that is too late to be sucked away and avoid the spillage of a large amount of oil fume.

(3)It uses condensation collision technology to condense and filter out more than 60% of gaseous pollutants larger than 5 μm by lowering the temperature or increasing the pressure with the help of gaseous pollutants having different saturated vapor pressures at different temperatures and pressures.

(4)Use the centrifugal force generated when the oil filter plate rotates at high speed to filter out the large particles in the oil fume into the oil collection plate.

The fan creates a certain negative pressure inside the network disk, which collects the oil fume in the oil filter plate to prevent the oil fume from overflowing.

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