LF-HQ-G-400(15”) High Exhaust Speed Suspension Mute Centrifugal Fan

This LF-HQ-G-400 (15”) is a commercial centrifugal fan used to extract oil fume or ventilate. It increases the distance between the centrifugal impeller and the stainless steel casing and connects it with a high-performance spring shock absorber. The noise it generates is ≤72db. It transports 3500m³ to 9200m³ of oil fume per hour and is suitable for schools, cinemas, office buildings and hotels.

Certificate:CCC / ISO / CEP
Service:Customized OEM / ODM

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(1)When the external airflow enters the fan from the air inlet, it will be captured and guided by the high-speed rotating impeller (blade).

The high-speed rotating impeller will generate a centrifugal force that guides the airflow toward the air outlet, and increases the flow speed of the airflow, allowing the airflow to obtain higher kinetic energy.

(2)The air flow discharged from the air outlet will create a low-pressure area, allowing external air to enter the inside of the fan to achieve continuous circulation of air flow.

This centrifugal fan is suitable for commercial places with long exhaust ducts, high pressure and noise restrictions.

(3)This fan uses a backward-inclined impeller (blade outlet angle <90°). The backward-inclined impeller can absorb more gaseous pollutants. The irregular blades capture the airflow and form a low-pressure area under the action of centrifugal force to prevent the escape of gaseous pollutants. (4)This centrifugal fan can extract oil fume from 3500m³ to 9200m³ per hour. (Equal to the amount of oil smoke produced by 3 gas stoves.) (5)This centrifugal fan is made of stainless steel, increases the distance between the casing and the centrifugal impeller, and is connected with a high-performance spring shock absorber to isolate vibration from being transmitted to the entire casing, causing less noise during operation (≤ 72db). (6)It uses a JYP2-100L1-4 motor to drive the belt to transmit kinetic energy to the centrifugal impeller. This motor is designed not to be overloaded to avoid burning the motor due to overload.

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