7 Rollers Hot Dog Roller Grill

■ 7 rollers; 18 hot dog capacity
■ All stainless steel construction
■ Automatic grilling cycles

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  • Made of stainless steel outer tube with embedded aluminum tube inside roller heating mode, fully automatic rotate 360°, temperature transmission rapidly and heated evenly.
  • Adopt imported thermostat automatic constant temperature controller, sausages or hot dogs could be heated evenly. And the temperature is adjustable to ensure the quality of the food and save power.
  • The appearance of the appliance is elegant, with professional designed integrated sneeze guard.
  • Use the special motor drive of industrial equipment, the failure rate is very low and the running is silent.
  • All stainless steel design is safe and durable. The rotation and heating could be controlled respectively and easy to operate.


Product Name Hot Dog Roller Grill (7 Rollers)
Model WOT-7
Dimensions (W x D x H) 453*312*222/436(mm)
Power 220V / 0.7kW
Capacity 7 Rollers
Temp.Range 30-110℃

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