LF-JDW-G-A-12 High Altitude Electrostatic Precipitator Equipment for Kitchen

This is a purification equipment specially designed for Western restaurants, Cantonese restaurants and commercial kitchens with a normal amount of oil fume. It can filter, ionize and purify 10,000m³ to 15,000m³ of oil fume within 1 hour. It is suitable for restaurants, food factories and commercial places with average fume volume, basic environmental protection requirements and small budgets.

Certificate:CCC / ISO / CEP
Service:Customized OEM / ODM

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(1)Each set of purification modules has 4 to 5 oil fume filtration, ionization and purification processes. When the fume molecules enter the high-voltage ionization field,hundreds of millions of positive and negative ions will load the grease particles, impurities and oil dirt in the fume and drive them to the dust collecting plate to achieve the effect of separation and purification of the fume.

(2)The purification equipment has a pre-filter screen and a post-filter screen to intercept oil smoke or oil dust particles of different particle sizes. The pre-filter screen intercepts large particles of oil molecules, impurities and food residues, and the post-filter screen intercepts small particle size oil mist molecules.

(3)It can purify 10,000m³ to 15,000m³ of kitchen fume per hour, with a fume purification rate of more than 65%, complying with national fume emission standards.

(4)The ionization field consists of multiple sets of electrode plates. The electrode plates are made of galvanized iron plates, and thickened materials are used on the edges of the electrode plates.

(5)The spacing between each set of electrode plates is between 5mm and 9mm, which can increase the oil fume adsorption area by 30%. The ionization field has a split drawer-type structure, which is easy to install, maintain and clean.

(6)It is equipped with a high-voltage constant power supply and operating status indicator light to activate the protection device in case of over-current, arcing, over-voltage and over-temperature.

The oil fume purified by LF-JDW-G-A-12 High Altitude Electrostatic Precipitator Equipment produces less than 0.01PPM of ozone and complies with ROHS standards.

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