LF-E-A-Q-4A Professional Oil Fume Purified Centrifugal Fan for Commercial Kitchen

This is a ventilation device specially designed for the emission of oil fume in commercial kitchens. It can transport oil fume ≤80℃ and particle size ≤150㎎/m³, and is suitable for school cafeterias, chain restaurants, food stalls/trucks and hotels. It can discharge or extract 3450m³ to 8000m³ of air per hour.

Certificate:CCC / ISO / CEP
Service:Customized OEM / ODM

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(1)It can choose a forward-inclined impeller (blade outlet angle>90°) or a backward-inclined impeller (blade outlet angle<90°). This fan uses a forward-inclined impeller, which can generate a full pressure of 603Pa to 693Pa, and an airflow speed of 3450m³ to 8000m³ per hour.

Forward-curved fans have the option of smaller shafts and bearings, giving them a wider operating range and lower costs.

(2)It adopts a cabinet design. This casing converts the high-speed air leaving the blade tip into lower-speed energy, which can correctly guide the airflow to the air outlet. It is suitable for environments with high wind pressure and low exhaust air flow.

(3)This centrifugal fan has undergone advanced dynamic and static balance correction. When the motor belt drives the impeller to rotate, it produces less noise (<71db) and less vibration. It uses a 3kW-6 high-efficiency motor to provide stable power output to the impeller.

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