LF-4-72-D-6 Industrial Centrifugal Blower Fan Single Air Inlet

LF-4-72-D-6 is a centrifugal fan that specializes in conveying oil fume, dust, compounds and fresh air. It adopts a single air inlet structure and a backward-inclined impeller design, and can discharge 6677m³ to 13353m³ of oil fume per hour. It is suitable for power plants, air handling equipment supporting and factories.

Certificate:CCC / ISO / CEP
Service:Customized OEM / ODM

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(1)When the impeller in the fan rotates at high speed, it will generate centrifugal force that can absorb or discharge the oil fume, reaching an exhaust volume of 6677m³ to 13353m³ per hour, which is equal to the amount of oil fume produced by 23 to 46 gas stoves.

(2)This fan uses high-strength blades and a backward-inclined impeller (the blade outlet angle is less than 90°), which ensures large air volume extraction and discharge while producing less noise.

The power it uses is relatively stable (maximum or minimum) and is not prone to power overload.

(3)It has the characteristics of high pressure and medium exhaust volume, and has better performance in air purification and air conditioning systems.

(4)Using Y112M-4 motor (three-phase asynchronous), it is suitable for ventilation equipment that does not contain flammable, explosive or corrosive gases.

It can be used normally in high temperature and high humidity environments from -15℃ to 40℃. It is waterproof. The level reaches IPX4.

(5)With a low energy consumption of 4KW per hour, it provides stable power output to the centrifugal impeller and emits more than 10,000m³ of oil smoke.

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