Multifunction mixed oven with advanced technology. Control panel 10 ”, 100% touchscreen, high resolution. Customizable control panel. Extensive program library. Multipoint core cooking probe 5 monitoring points. Immediate steam production in a controlled and modulated overpressure environment. Manual, automatic or memorized cooking programs. Special Cooking: Low Temperature, Delta T, Regeneration, Banqueting, Maintenance, In-Jar Pasteurisation, Vacuum and Drying. Compatible with SMOK smoker accessory. Double fan rotation direction with 6 speeds. Double washing and automatic descaling system of the cooking chamber through the detergent dispenser of the liquid product or adding of Power Pearls micro-granules. AISI304 and AISI316L stainless steel construction for the upper and lower parts of the cooking chamber, fan and container rack.

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Automatic washing high-efficency water and detergent recirculation pump
Power supply Gas
Energy Control Pre-Setting for remote control of power peaks
Automatic cooking Yes
Capacity in GN containers 20 x 2/1GN – 40 x 1/1GN
Chemical products to be used Detergent and descaling liquid or detergent in Power Pearls microgranules and descaling
Display 10″ capacitive touchscreen with scroller selector
Portions for cooking process n° 560
Product core probe Multipoint, standard
Simultaneous cooking Automatic and Multi-timer
Door knob right-hand opening even with full hands
Door opening from left to right

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