12L Countertop Auto Lift-up Electric Fryer

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  • After“all-in-one-button” frying operation program finishes, frying basket will lift up automatically. This function is especially efficient for user during peak busy hours to avoid excessively longer or shorter frying time
  • LED digital display clearly indicates temperature and time,which is controlled by microcomputer ensure best cooking outcomes.
  • WISE Countertop Auto Lift-up Electric Fryer is  adjustable 10 different cooking timer, All channels have time extension function for extra food portions by certain percentage. After all channels’ temperature and time are pre-set, “all-in-one-button” will follow the settings and finish all the frying procedures automatically.
  • Warming temperature can be set in advance. After turning on fryer or finishing the frying task, fryer will return to warming mode
  • Frying temperature and time can be checked and °C & F° can be switched anytime during operation.


Product Name Countertop 12 Liter Auto Lift-up Electric Fryer
Model WFTL-12L-C10
Capacity 12L
Dimensions (W x D x H) 355 x 565 x 300/415(mm)
Power 230V / 3kW
Temp.Range 50-200℃

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