Robot Coupe 550 mm large range ULTRA stick blender


  • High-power motor: +20% for greater efficiency.Increased performance to optimise blending time.

  • All stainless steel foot, bell, motor cover and attachments – to make the immersion blender last longer.
  • The bell and blade can be removed for easy cleaning, perfect hygiene and easy maintenance – an exclusive Robot Coupe patented system.

  • The innovative lug on the motor housing serves as a rest and pivot on the rim of a pan. Easier and safer to handle for the user. New power cord winding system for easy storage and optimised lifespan. The wall support offers a practical storage solution for both the immersion blender and its attachments.
  • Ergonomic handle for greater user comfort. New removable EasyGrip handle: the machine’s weight is distributed better making it even easier to use!
  • New patented 'EasyPlug' system makes it easy to replace the power cord, if required. Illuminated voltage indicator: rapid detection in the event of a power cable failure. The indicator lights up if the cable is not damaged and correctly plugged in on both sides (wall socket and EasyPlug).

Product Catalogue Quote Me
Model  MP-550U LED
Wattage 750 W
Voltage Single phase
Speed(s) 9000 rpm
Removable blade Yes
Equipped with EasyPlug
Blade, bell, and shaft Length 550 mm – all stainless steel
Removable bell  Yes
Removable shaft No
Dimensions Length 940 mm, Ø 125 mm
Net weight (kg) 5.2
Gross weight (kg) 6.7
Accessories Stainless steel blade and wall support – Included
Second Handle Removable EasyGrip handle

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