Established in 1997, Spaceman is a leading manufacturer, dedicated to designing and producing the highest quality soft serve ice cream, milkshake and frozen beverage machines. Through continuous development and innovation, Spaceman has grown into one of the largest enterprises in China that is solely focused and specialized in frozen equipment design and manufacturing.

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    • SPACEMAN Table Top Single Soft Serve Freezer

      Key Features Overrun & Consistency Control Low Mix Indicator Self Closing Dispensing Valve Dispense Speed Control Hopper Refrigeration Soft System Start Control system: Single, Analog Flavors: 1 Freezing cylinders: 1 x 1.7L Mix hoppers: 1 x 8.0L Output capacity (80 grams): 200 serves/hr Clearance requirements: 152mm/6″ on right Electrical: 220-240V…

    • SPACEMAN Table Top Twin Soft Serve Freezer

      Key Features Fast Freezer Down Digital Control and Display Auto Programming Standby Hopper Agitator Soft system start Direct for Cleaning Quick Refreezer Self Closing Valve with Speed Control Safty protection Feed: Gravity feed Control system: Two, Digital Flavors: 2 + Twist Freezing cylinders: 2 x 1.7L Mix hoppers: 2 x…

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